Elton John World News: Charlie Morgan interviewed

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Thursday 6 October 2005 @ 21:56 - GMT

Former Elton John drummer Charlie Morgan visited the Radio Hey Now studios on September 18, 2005, for a live show which was later repeated.

Since the launch by Radio Hey Now of podcasting this week, you can now download the show to your PC or iPod or other portable MP3 player for playback when you like!

Check out:


What is more, you can now stream it on the internet. Go to the page and select London Jazz Special 18 September 2005 and use the play features. George Matlock, editor eltonjohnworld.com hosts the show.

Radio Hey Now, broadcasting since 2003, is the first Polish radio station in the UK and Ireland. It broadcasts on the internet at www.radioheynow.com and is available in three languages: Polish, Czech and English. The English-language website is: www.londonvoice.radioheynow.com

The show was produced in conjunction with eltonjohnworld.com

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