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Tabloid Provides Sports Star With EJ Gift

Thursday 27 October 2005 @ 17:46 - GMT

Captain Fantastic provided another captain--Michael Vaughan--  with some special in-flight entertainment  when he jetted off to Pakistan on October 25.

The sportsman's luggage includes a signed CD of Sir Elton's greatest hits, along with a good-luck message to England's Ashes heroes from Elton, reportedly thrilled to hear that Rocket Man became the theme song of their 2-1 triumph against Australia.

All-rounder Freddie Flintoff revealed he warmed up for ''belting the Aussies'' at Trent Bridge by warbling along to Elton on the dressing room ghetto blaster.

So when Michael checked at a Heathrow hotel last night ahead of the gruelling two-month expedition to Pakistan, he was "chuffed" when Mirror Sport organised a present from the superstar to help while away the long nights ''under virtual house arrest.''

Michael said: "What a fantastic gesture! Last winter Freddie, myself and Marcus Trescothick took our wives to see Elton in concert in Cape Town and it was a memorable night.

"He told the audience we were three of his sporting heroes and to get a dedication from a superstar like him was fantastic. He is a genuine cricket fan and I'm pleased we gave him something about in the Ashes.''

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