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Former EJ Co-Worker Has Somerset Gig

Wednesday 15 February 2006 @ 17:57 - GMT

A man who once worked with the Rocket Man will do a Music Hall tribute at Somerset's Bridgwater Arts Center on Friday, February 17, at 8 p.m., according to the Guardian.

Dave Sealey, of Cosmotheka fame, will be presenting his one-man show called With a Little Bit O'Luck, tracing the career of Stanley Holloway, a popular British singer and actor who died in 1982.

Dave's own involvement in the entertainment stretches back to the early 60s, when he cut his debut single - fronting rock band The Chances Are - at the legendary Abbey Road studios.

His second record deal with Dick James two years later saw him transform into a ballad singer, accompanied by a 55-piece orchestra and backed by vocal groups including The Ladybirds, the Mike Sammes Singers and, on one famous occasion, Elton.

Dave formed Cosmostheka in 1972 with his brother Al, a double-act which changed his life.

Cosmotheka was the name of an old London Music Hall and the duo brought back to life the neglected comedy material from that wonderful material.

The act toured the world, from Port Stanley town hall to the deserts of Oman, from Hong Kong breakfast telly to the Rocky Mountains.

They made countless television and radio appearances, including The Bob Monkhouse Show and the Good Old Days.

Since Al's tragic death in 1999, Dave has worked in various collaborations.

Two, in particular, have been highly successful - Pop Goes The Century with fellow eccentrics Andrew Frank and George Hinchliffe, and the review Back To Back with Malcolm Stent of BBC Radio WM and Radio 2's Don McClean.

He's also embarked on a solo career and, with an amusing mix of songs, stories, original titles and monologues, he's been raising the roof at clubs and festivals throughout the UK.

Tickets for the night cost £9 with concessions and £8 for members. To book call the centre on 01278 422700.


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