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Some of Elton's Band Mates Do Charity Single

Thursday 22 June 2006 @ 16:50 - GMT

Davey Johnstones voice still strains with emotion when he speaks of having lost his 9-year old son Oliver 5 years ago. So he can relate to the hurt and anguish close relatives go through when something like this happens. Indeed, he has written a song to help another family suffering from a loss. He said:

I just sat down and wrote a song about this kid (Max Buelow) from my kids school who developed cancer, and when Oliver died, Maxs sister, had a form of cancer, and she is now in remission and doing great, but unfortunately Max contracted another strain of cancer (leukemia) and he was gone in 3 months, he just recently passed, he was 11. It meant a lot to us, so we showed our support for the family and I wrote a song, its probably the first song Ive written in five years and basically I wrote it for the school and the family to help pay for their medical bills. 

Bring Only Love is a single recorded specifically for Max Buelow, a friend of  the Johnstones. East End Lights is offering a limited supply of the single to help raise money for the Buelow family. This is an exclusive offer and all proceeds will go directly to the foundation set up for the family, the Max of a Million Dreams Foundation. The cost of the single is $15.00 and it is available through the publication's site at www.eastendlights.com.

The tune was composed by Davey, with other EJ and Warpipes band mates Bob Birch and Steve Trudell. Jay Bolan provides lead vocals. The song is a moving tribute to Max, who passed away at the tender age of 11.

BringOnlyLoveMaximillian (Max) was an extraordinary young man who had a natural sense of justice, quiet dignity and a wonderful, albeit unconventional, sense of humor. Max was full dreams and schemes for his future and had an unbridled enthusiasm for life. He had a deep love of children and planned one day to work at a day care center, but what he wanted most in life was to be a daddy. Max was also the only and deeply beloved son of Tracey and David Buelow and dear brother to his sisters, Emily, Ilsa and Lena. Maxs young life ended after a four-year battle with a rare form of bone cancer. In honor of Max and out of deep love and respect for him, the Max of a Million Dreams Foundation for Cancer Research has been established to fund research into Ewings Sarcoma and other rare forms of cancer. It is the Buelow familys greatest wish that a cure can be found for cancer. It is for this reason that the foundation which bears Maxs name is such an appropriate commemoration. (Song liner notes)


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