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Many in Harrow Dislike Idea of Naming Roads For Celebs

Tuesday 6 January 2009 @ 16:22 - GMT

Recently the Harrow Observer revealed that the local government was considered new monikers for some places, such as Elton John Avenue.

However residents have overwhelmingly rejected the idea of having streets named after celebrities.

A poll on the paper's Web site showed people in the borough were not taken by the idea.

Sixty per cent of people polled voted no to Elton John Avenue, while 39 per cent wanted the rocker to be honoured.

The idea came about because the entertainer was born at 55 Pinner Hill Road.

Martin Verden, chairman of the Harrow Heritage Trust, declared: "I would not support it.

"I personally think roads should be named after the area or place, like Chapel Lane - where there used to be a number of chapels.

"The names should be something that bring a smile to your face."

Simon Le Bon was also considered.

The Duran Duran singer attended Pinner County Grammar School and also worked as a theatre porter in Northwick Park Hospital, in Watford Road.

Councillor Susan Hall said the council would not want to rename existing roads due to the financial inconvenience.

The deputy leader said: "It is interesting, if people say they do not want this loud and clear we will listen to them.

"It is up to new developers what they name their streets, but the council gets the final say and we are mindful of what our residents think."

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