Elton John World News: Apology Accepted

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Elton's Swearing Issue Has Been Resolved

Monday 16 May 2011 @ 15:32 - GMT

UK watchdog officials have cleared Elton of breaching radio rules after swearing during a live broadcast in January.

Authorities at British media regulator Ofcom received a complaint after the singer muttered the phrase "f**king hell" during a morning interview on the BBC's Radio 2.

Elton tried to make up for the slip-up by telling listeners, "I'm very, very sorry for that awful word that I said," while BBC bosses also issued a statement of apology.

Ofcom chiefs launched an investigation into the incident and have now accepted the composer's apology, branding the matter "resolved."

A judgment from Ofcom reads, "Ofcom acknowledges that Sir Eltons remarks appear to have been a 'spontaneous outburst' made with no intention to offend, and that any offence caused was mitigated by the apologies offered by host Chris Evans and Sir Elton both immediately after the incident...

"In view of the steps taken by both the broadcaster and Sir Elton John to remedy the error, Ofcom considers the matter resolved."

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