Elton John World News: ''Interview'' Interviews ''The Union'' Director

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Friday 6 May 2011 @ 16:39 - GMT

Interview magazine asked Cameron Crowe how he came to select Elton and Leon Russell as the subjects of his new music documentary.

The director responded:

''They picked me; it was really just a matter of Elton John letting us use his music and movies. He's so generous; he gave us all the separated tracks for the songs that we used. He allowed us to remix and reimagine his stuff. We'd always stop everything on the mixing stage to listen on the greatest speaker system possible, just listen to his music. I met Elton John when I first started writing for Rolling Stone. He's such a fan himself that he reads about everybody and listens to everything. So I met him then, but I didn't know him all those years. As soon as Almost Famous came out, he called and said, 'I saw the movie and really enjoyed it. I liked the way you used the song; it's fantastic. How is the marketing? What more can we do?' He's so helpful that it continued a conversation that spanned years. At one point he said, 'I'd like you to film me writing. I think you're the guy to do that, I'd be comfortable with you, if you're ever interested. I'll call you when I come to town.' So he did. And we got a little film crew together and started filming, ostensibly just him writing. But it turned out to be the first day that he came in to write with Leon Russell. It turned into the most wonderful hobby. It was like going to directing college while staying up late writing term papers.''

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