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Disney Plans New Renditions of Old Favourites

Wednesday 14 March 2012 @ 15:23 - GMT

In a continuing effort to better serve the Hispanic audience, Walt Disney Records will be releasing two Song & Story titles and a collection of Disney Princess songs in Spanish for the very first time. The label will also release the Spanish language digital soundtracks for Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.  All five albums will be available on March 20.

Each Canta y Cuenta release features three to four songs from and inspired by the movies, plus an audio story and will be available physically and digitally.

Canciones de las Princesas spotlights Disney's most beloved heroines with Spanish versions of classics from films such as The Little Mermaid.

La Bella y la Bestia digital soundtrack is comprised of 10 songs in Spanish.  El Rey Leon includes 12 tunes (six in Spanish), four score cues and two versions of  Elton's Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

"We're thrilled to offer Spanish-speaking families an additional way to experience the magic of Disney music in their native language," says Cathleen Taff, SVP/GM, Disney Music Group

Canta y Cuenta: La Sirenita, Canta y Cuenta: Toy Story will be available wherever music is sold, digitally and physically. La Bella y La Bestia and El Rey Leon can be purchased through online retailers.

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