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Elton John World News: EJW SPECIAL: An Update on a Legendary Photographer

EJW SPECIAL: An Update on a Legendary Photographer-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wednesday 24 April 2013 @ 15:31 - GMT

In 2008, Manhattan's Rizzoli held a book launch party for Eltonography.

EJW's Chief Editor, Cheryl Herman, was there, and spoke with the photographer, Terry O'Neill.

Terry mentioned that his career has included working on movie sets, but he never enjoyed that. He prefers musical subjects, and was in fact, one of the first to portray the Beatles. It was because of his experiences with the Fab Four, as well as the Rolling Stones, that Elton learned about Terry.

O'Neill said he was considering doing another volume of EJ images, if not a rock and roll tome.

Meanwhile, an exhaustive cataloguing of Terry's archive, conducted over the last few years, has revisited more than 2 million negatives and unearthed unseen images from a career spanning 53 years.

Terry O'Neill, which will be available next month in a standard edition as well as a limited edition, limited to 300 copies, includes shots of Elton swinging a bat at Dodger Stadium and relaxing in bed.

Samples and details can be found at


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