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Appear on CNN

Friday 5 February 1999 @ 2:00 - GMT

Davey Johnstone and John Jorgenson appeared worldwide on CNN Showbiz Today! They filmed two instrumental duets at the CNN studios in LA for broadcast on CNN Showbiz on February 2, 1999.


They also performed at the Regal Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, CA on January 29, 1999, at Acoustic Guitar Magazines Acoustic Cafe.

Just recently, Tune Up Magazine named their album Crop Circles their Acoustic Guitar Record Of The Year for 1998.


JohnDaveynews Davey Johnstone and John Jorgenson  Groovemasters Vol. 2 -Crop Circles Solid Air Records

Review from Tune Up Magazine (excerpt)

What happens when you sit down two great guitarists like Davey Johnstone

& John Jorgenson with a couple of acoustic guitars , a Sony MDMX-4 mini

disc recorder, and the opportunity to make a recording without any

commercial restraints?

What you get is to be privy to some music that is made for the pure love

of music, and in my experience in music that is usually when the best

music is made. That is exactly what happens on Crop Circles. I guess

youd expect nothing less from these two monsters of the guitar, as they

not only play brilliantly, they also manage to blend together many

musical styles like pop,rock, jazz, celtic,blues, bluegrass, country &

some classical elements.

Another unique thing about this project was the way it was recorded. It

was recorded during some downtime during Elton Johns last world tour.

So the tunes were recorded in some pretty strange places like hotel

rooms & the backstage area of some of the venues that Elton was booked


So who needs Sunset Sound when you have Holiday Inns all over America,

and all of the tunes were recorded with the Sony 4-track mindisc


So I urge you to go out and get this disc, and to sit back and enjoy

some very inspired music, and thank God that there are record companies

out there that are willing to release great music like this

--Darrin Scott

PS: If you are having difficulty finding this disc in your favorite

record store, you can call Acoustic Music Resource at 1-800-649-4745 and

order yours right now and have it in the mail in a few days, and if you

call Sony at 1-800-635-Sony they will send you some information on the

Sony MDMX-4 Mini Disc Recorder.

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