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Elton John World News: 170,000 euros ($166,000) was raised from the Erfurt show of Elton John in June

170,000 euros ($166,000) was raised from the Erfurt show of Elton John in June-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Concert and donations help raise 680,000 euros for victims of German school shooting

Wednesday 28 August 2002 @ 17:39 - GMT

ERFURT, Germany - Concerts and sports events helped raise 680,000 ($ 668,000) for victims of the April school shooting in this eastern German city in which 17 people died, officials said Tuesday.

Much of the fund has been paid to relatives of the 13 teachers, two students and police officer killed when a 19-year-old former student went on the rampage at the Gutenberg high school before turning the gun on himself. Money is also being invested to help pay for the education of the children of the slain teachers, officials for the city and the surrounding Thuringia state announced. Funds are also being set aside for counseling for teachers and students struggling to come to terms with the country's worst-ever school shooting.

Of the total, 170,000 euros ($ 166,000) was raised from a rock concert by Elton John in June. Money also was raised through charity performances by Germany's national soccer and handball teams. Other donations came from Germany and abroad. The school, closed since the April 26 shooting, is to reopen in a year's time after comprehensive renovations to erase signs of the massacre and make it easier for students and staff eventually to return.

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