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Sir Elton John has been voted at number 40 in The Mirror irritating list.

Tuesday 24 September 2002 @ 19:07 - GMT

On September, 23, 2002, the English newspaper, The Mirror voted Elton John at the 40th place of their most irritating people.

The Mirror added: "His flamboyant lifestyle is just the tip of the iceberg.But everything Elton, 55, does, seems to be good humoured. The singer keeps himself amused when he checks into hotels using fake names including Sir Humphrey Handbag, Bobo Latrine and even Sir Brian Bigbum.

"Maybe his history of being one of the stroppiest stars in the music world has turned some fans against him. His famous documentary Tantrums And Tiaras, directed by his partner David Furnish, revealed a darker side. Another annoyance may be the fact that Elton is friends with everyone. In fact he's been a father figure to a lot of stars over the years."

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