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Fastest album ever made!

Wednesday 1 November 2000 @ 20:06 - GMT

We know how fast Candle in the Wind 1997 was put together, and that in the 1970s Elton churned out 3 albums a year. Now sprightly Elton has smashed the world record for the fastest album ever made!


Scheduled for release on November 13, 2000, new album, One Night Only, was taped live at two sell-out shows at New York's Madison Square Gardens on October 20/21, 2000.


It will hit the shops just 22 days after recording, meaning One Night Only will break the record for the fastest-ever turn around for an album.


The previous record holder was Plastic Ono Band's Live Peace album, released within four months.


One Night Only features collaborations with Ronan Keating, Bryan Adams and Mary J Blige.
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