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Artist Discusses His Unusual Celebrity-Inspired Pieces

Written by Chief Editor.

Some time ago, this Web site had an item about an artist who turns peanut
shells into celebrity look-alikes.


Steve Casino recently spoke with Eltonjohnworld.com about his work.

EJW: Has Elton - or other showbiz personalities - seen your portraits? If
so, what was their reaction?

SC: I'm not sure if Elton has seen my rendition of him but other stars have
responded in a positive way. Pee Wee Herman featured my peanut of him on
his Facebook page. Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails hired me to make
them of his whole family. Also the Grateful Dead, Elvis Costello, and Jon
Favreau (director of Iron Man) have all reached out and promoted me on
social media. Even Mr. Peanut (or the entity behind him) is a fan who has
helped me out.

EJW: Your EJ replica includes his red piano. Since his latest Las Vegas
show is called the Million Dollar Piano, have you considered an update?
SC: I would like to make another Elton when I have time as he was my first
one that was any good. But fortunately (and unfortunately) I've been hired
to make so many that I don't have time to make ones for myself anymore.
EJW: Have your figures been seen in galleries?
SC:  I've shown them in galleries all over the world and will be featured
on the Food Network site and in their magazine later this month. So it's
going well.
EJW: What were you doing prior to all this?
SC:  I was a caricature artist, illustrator, t-shirt designer, cartoonist,
fake-food maker,  model maker, package designer, and toy designer. I pretty
much failed at everything except toy design, which I still do.
EJW: Do you happen to be an admirer of Elton's?
SC:  I've been an Elton fan since 1st grade. We share a birthday and Crocodile
Rock was the first 45 I ever bought.

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