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Melbourne Jeweller Remembers One of His High-Profile Customers

Written by Chief Editor.

As EJW readers are aware, on Monday evening, an impressive selection of jewellery will be auctioned off in Australia. Many of the items were given to publicist Patti Mostyn, who used to represent Elton.
Nicole Kenning, Marketing Manager for the Mossgreen auction house, informed this Web site's Chief Editor that Ray Schlager, the Melbourne jeweller from whom Elton bought from for many years, provided the following information. . .

''Elton first visited me in November 1986, and continued, once or twice a year for the next 16 years. He came here for his concerts, and to watch the cricket, being a a huge fan of the game.

''On that first visit, he bought 10-15 pieces, one of which was a diamond bracelet, along with diamond earrings, pearl earrings and necklaces. He used to travel with a team of around 20 people, including Patti Mostyn, and always gave generous gifts to celebrate the tours.

''He was very fond of Patti; they were very close and he trusted her implicitly.''

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