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The Big Picture: Terry O'Neill and Ed Caraeff News

Written by Chief Editor.

This Web site previously announced that Terry O'Neill's Every Picture Tells a Story would be coming out in November.
EJW has since received a preview, courtesy of the publisher, ACC Editions, and online archive Iconic Images.
There are six pages devoted to Elton. While most show the star performing, there's also a shot of him at Watford. Besides offering such indelible images (particularly of Elton's famous piano leaps), Terry shares his thoughts about what's been like to photograph Elizabeth Taylor; the Rolling Stones; Janis Joplin; Marianne Faithfull; Winston Churchill; Pelé; and Nelson Mandela (to name just a few). He also discusses his first major assignment; which entertainers he considers to be geniuses; what photograph makes him sad; and who was most difficult to deal with.
Another renowned artist working on a publication is Ed Caraeff. Ed chronicled Elton's early Troubadour engagement and did the photography for the songwriter's Caribou album, but his first two books will be focused on Jimi Hendrix and Iggy Pop.
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