A Journalist Whose EJ Piece Led to a Backstage Meeting

Written by Chief Editor.

The Liffey Press' David Givens has informed this website of a new memoir his company has published.

And Finally . . . A Journalist's Life in 250 Stories is by Paddy Murray, who has attended several of Elton's concerts and met him backstage. So there's a fair amount about the former Reg Dwight in the book, says Givens.
That includes a memorable gig at the King's Hall in Belfast in June 1984 which Paddy wrote about. Elton saw the piece and declared it to be ''the best and most intelligent review I have ever received.''
In the book, Paddy explains that he didn't just write about the enthusiasm of Elton and his band while they performed. He observed how fans were unified, talking with each other and not worrying about anyone's religious beliefs. They were able to forget about The Troubles, and at the show, chanted his name, which ''must have been heard back in Watford,'' until the musician returned to the stage. 
A couple of nights later, Elton played the RDS Arena in Dublin, which Paddy also attended. The headliner requested a meeting before the gig, so he could personally thank the writer for the article. 
Some years later, the pair had another encounter. Promoter Jim Aiken brought Murray to Paris, along with a couple who had won the trip in an Evening Herald competition, to see Elton play a sports arena there. 
''And Finally,'' which also contains items about Pele, Madonna, Eric Clapton, John Wayne, and Richard Harris, was recently published in Dublin, but can be purchased in the States at