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Town of Twenty: Music Journalist Asks Elton About His All-Time Favourites

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton was once asked which of his songs ''haunts'' him the most, and he said that none did. But they do mean a great deal to him, and in the October 24 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, he narrowed it down to twenty.

The article, by Cameron Crowe, includes both well-known and more obscure compositions. Among them is Empty Sky, which Elton considers '' a great rock and roll track''; Burn Down The Mission (along with My Baby Left Me and Get Back) from the live New York radio broadcast on November 17, 1970, which Mary Travers and 299 others were invited to; and My Quicksand from The Diving Board. In fact, Elton considers the latter the best track he's ever recorded, and says he hasn't worked like this before.

Read more at www.Rollingstone.com.

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