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EJAF Receives Generous Gift From Safra

Written by Chief Editor.

The EJAF is pleased to announce that a philanthropist friend of Elton's has pledged a $1 million gift in support of the charity's grant-making programs at the 12th annual Enduring Vision benefit on October 15.


"I feel very privileged to be able to support the life-saving work of the Elton John AIDS Foundation," said Lily Safra, "not only because Elton and David are such dear personal friends, but most importantly because I know how vital EJAF's grants are to service providers and advocates working on the front lines of this epidemic. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring this epidemic under control if we act now. I am so proud to continue my support for this extraordinarily effective organization."

This exceptional gift is the latest example of Mrs. Safra's extraordinary generosity to the foundation, following her spectacular Jewels of Hope auction in May of 2012, which awarded $1 million gifts to 32 charitable organisations, including EJAF. Prior to that, Mrs. Safra and the Edmond J. Safra Foundation had made a series of generous gifts to Elton's charity in support of its grant-making initiatives in Latin America.

"Lily Safra is a cherished and treasured friend and a critical ally for our cause," said Elton. "She truly understands the challenge we face—not only the dangers and obstacles ahead, but more importantly, the unprecedented opportunity we have right now to make significant inroads against this epidemic. Lily has stepped up to play a significant role in finding enduring solutions. I cannot possibly thank her enough for her wonderful friendship and devotion to our urgent mission."

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