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Elton Slams Reality Stars During BBC Interview

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton says reality TV stars should be assassinated.


The 66-year-old thinks these kinds of shows - which he has been a vocal critic of - attract "nightmare people" who are just hungry for fame.

Speaking on BBC World satellite radio, Elton said: "With reality television, you get all these nightmare people who want to be successful, when you really want them to be assassinated."

The hitmaker - whose latest album The Diving Board deals with issues surrounding entertainers finding fame young - thinks there are many talented individuals who end up spiralling out of control because they would "do anything" for fame. 

Asked about The Diving Board, he remarked: "It's about someone who's attracted to fame no matter what.

"They want fame whatever the consequences, and they'll do anything to get there."

He believes that Lindsay Lohan, who has been to rehab on a number of occasions to combat substance abuse problems, was a ''victim of success.''

He added: "Lindsay Lohan, unfortunately, who had a great career as an actress and as a recording artist, she had a hit album...

"Suddenly, everything has fallen to bits because of the drugs. Her parents were a nightmare.

"She has become a victim of success and she wants success, no matter how much it costs." 

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