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Manaus Mayor Defends His City With References to Sir Elton And Prince Charles

Written by Chief Editor.

The mayor of World Cup city Manaus still has a sense of humour, even though the historic city deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle is being criticised.

Last week, England coach Roy Hodgson expressed misgivings about the area's taxing high heat and humidity.

Then, over the weekend, London tabloid the Mirror turned its guns on what it called "Murderous Manaus," saying "England fans will risk their lives" should they venture to "the crime-ridden hell-hole" to see Hodgson's team play Italy on June 14.

"I don't read the Daily Mirror," Arthur Virgilio responded, presenting a picture of reasoned calm to reporters.

As for alligators, Prince Charles visited several times without being bitten, he said. The mayor also pointed out that Elton wants to play in its new stadium, joking, "I hope no snake hurts him."

 As mentioned previously, Elton is to do a show in Goiânia, on February 21 at the Serra Dourada Stadium. Tickets are now on sale.
The luminary is expected to play other cities in Brazil, including Manaus, but details have yet to be divulged.
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