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How a Newcastle Newspaper is Preparing For Elton's Metro Radio Arena Engagement

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton will be playing the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle on July 2.

To celebrate, the Chronicle will feature an interview with the vocalist, and today, the paper has a sneak preview.

Gordon Barr conducted the interview, which will be revealed in a few weeks, along with a chance to win tickets to the Arena gig.

Here’s a sample of the chat:

You’re back in Newcastle soon, a city you have played in numerous times over the years. Any particular memories of Newcastle and the North East in general?

I have played Newcastle 18 times since my first concert there in 1971 at the City Hall, and the audiences have always been fantastic. The people in the North East obviously are passionate about their music, and can be proud of the great bands produced from the area , and I am just glad they have been so supportive of me for so long.

City Hall is one of the few venues left of its kind. Do you recall that gig and what it was like?

It is a special venue…and so beautiful with the organ in there and everything. The City Hall is one of those places that you go in to and you can feel the ghosts of all these acts that have played there over the years. You can almost touch the history.

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