L.A. Group Show Includes Works From Bernie Taupin

Written by Chief Editor.

KM Fine Arts Los Angeles is pleased to present Tête-a-Tête, a group exhibition of paintings, drawings, and mixed media works. There are older names as well as more contemporary artists on display, with Bernie Taupin among them. 

The display will run from May 20-June 18.

 Stemming from his world famous career as a lyricist, Taupin incorporates words and language in to his artistic works. He has no set pattern or definitive style, and claims it is hard to conform when there are so many options.

Bernie sees his art as a visual extension of what he has spent his life creating through words, “the imagination, in my estimation, is the most powerful tool the artist possess enabling us to conjure up beautiful distraction for the ears and eyes.”

A photo of the painter/songwriter, alongside one of his pieces, at the VIP preview, can be found at the gallery's Facebook page.

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