Pop Legend is Among Those Insulted by a Newly Elected Councillor

Written by Chief Editor.

A UKIP councillor elected on Thursday is already under investigation, for referring to gay people as poofs, dykes, and perverts.

According to the Guardian, Dave Small, who was elected to Redditch Borough Council, is under investigation after referring to African immigrants as “scroungers”, and attacking Elton and BBC broadcaster Clare Balding for their sexuality.

Small wrote on Facebook: “Why on earth is this useless Goverment pandering to Puffs? I refuse to call them gays, as what has gay to do with perverts like Elton John and Clair Balding [sic] who get their jollies in such disgusting ways. To sum up, they should not allowed to be married, they should go back to the closet.”

He also referred to gay people as “perverts” last February, and said that “poofs and dykes” should not be allowed to marry.

In other posts, he defended his use of a racial slur, and predicted the UK would be overwhelmed with “thousands more ''scroungers” from Mali.

Ruth Hunt, acting Chief Executive of Stonewall, said UKIP should be “judged by the company they keep.”

She said: “These reprehensible views have no place in modern Britain. We hope the party leadership reviews these comments as a matter of urgency.”

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