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Lord Choc Ice Goes Mental: Elton And Taylor Told Sheeran He'd be Mad Not to Release ''Sing'' as His First Single

Written by Chief Editor.

Ed Sheeran changed his mind about his latest single Sing after a few famous friends urged him to release it.

The Briton was planning to put out a track called One as the lead song from his upcoming second album X, but every superstar pal he consulted advised him to release Sing instead.

Sheeran eventually gave in and agreed when his mentor Sir Elton, close friend Taylor Swift, and producer Pharrell Williams all gave him the same tip.

He tells Seven magazine, "Elton John came into the office to listen to the album. (I also played him Sing) and Elton said: 'You're mental if you don't put that on the album. That's your first single.' So he originally planted the seed in my head. Then I went out for dinner with Pharrell around a month ago..."

Sheeran reveals Williams agreed that Sing should be released, but it was Swift's advice that really tipped him over the edge.

He adds, "She said I was mad if I put out One first. She was like, 'That's just gonna... not bore people, but just satisfy them. But you want people to talk. And if they listen to Sing they can love or hate it, but they are gonna talk about it'... Taylor and Elton are two of the people I would play music to and really listen to their advice. Taylor has not put a foot wrong, ever. So I played her every song I ever wrote for this album."

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