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West Virginia Gig Gets a Glowing Review

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton was back in Charleston after 17 years on Wednesday for a concert at the Charleston Civic Center. The Gazette ran a review, calling the show ''brilliant,'' and ''appealing to many different age ranges.''

The writer observed that Elton is capable of fitting in a bit of everything without going overboard. The set list included older numbers like Levon and Tiny Dancer as well as songs from his latest album, The Diving Board.

The 67-year-old doesn't dress as flamboyantly as he once did, but he still stood out in his sparkly blue jacket and red-framed sunglasses with orange lenses.

The stage wasn’t too complex, either, since it was ''smaller than most concerts, allowing the oval-shaped stadium to sell more seats.''

It can be disappointing when artists don't sound as good live as they do on records. That wasn't the case with Elton, who sounded the same, if not better, than on his albums.

The reviewer noticed that although Elton was sitting,'' he rocked out with his outward-facing right leg the entire time he played.'' It helped keep the crowd’s energy level high, including the singer's, when he leaped onto his piano at one point.

Elton was obviously having a grand time, which the writer concluded, ''made it that much better of a concert.''

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