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From Cindy to Cidny: News About One of Elton's Former Backup Singers

Written by Chief Editor.

Cindy Bullens was fortunate as a young person to have had the opportunity to work with such greats as Elton, who hired her to sing background vocals on his Rock of the Westies tour in 1975.
Bullens recalls: ''I went on to do two more tours with Elton and sang background vocals on his hit single Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart, and we remain good friends today. I also was in on the early days of Bob Dylan’s legendary Rolling Thunder Revue.''
But the singer faced a personal struggle, always feeling like “a man in a woman’s body.” So a couple of years ago, Bullens ''came out'' and acknowledged being transgender.
There's now a Facebook page with a new name, ''Cidny Bullens.''
The items include a look back, with a shot of Bullens with Elton in 1976, as seen below.
Photo: From the archives...Elton John and me in 1976!

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