I Started a Joke . . . Elton May Not Have Been Serious When He Announced His Retirement on Tuesday

Written by Chief Editor.

On Tuesday, July 15, on stage at the Festival de Carcassonne in France, Elton announced the end of his career. The Briton surprised the audience during the third song of the show by announcing his plans to retire and spend more time with his family. 

"No more shows, no more music, no more songs," Elton declared.

But the 67-year-old still has lots of concerts to play this year, and so far, there was no indication that he would cancel the dates. In fact, a spokesman claimed that Elton was ''only joking.''

At any rate, the vocalist does plan to cut back on touring in order to spend more time with his sons.

Last year, The Sun quoted him as saying, ''I will definitely cut back on shows so I have more time with my family. That's a conscious decision. I know I'm addicted to playing. I'm addicted to working. I'm addicted to touring. I'm addicted to everything."

Elton added:

"I want to take my boy to school and I want to spend more time with David. I also want to spend more time on projects that maybe I should have done years ago but never found the time for.''

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