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Saxophonist's Wish List of Collaborators Includes Famous Piano Player

Written by Chief Editor.

Smooth jazz musician Dave Koz has been asked who he'd like to team up with.

He says there are quite a few, but Elton tops the list.

''I love these guys who have this incredible staying power and constantly try to reinvent themselves and aren’t afraid to take chances.  I love what he stands for, and the fact that he’s still so popular after so many years. He’s always doing something creative. I think the world of that guy, and he’s a musical junkie, too.''

Koz says others on the list include Billy Joel and Sting.

He goes on to cite ''young people like jazz pianist Robert Glasper. Janelle Monae, love her.  She looks like a princess, and is super creative. I love that she's bucked the studio system and done things her way.''

The performer also considers Alicia Keys and Bruno Mars talented, and is a fan of Snoop Dogg.

''He’s been around for so long and is such a great businessman. I’ve never met him, but I’ve met his sax player and told him if there’s ever a chance you can’t make it.''

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