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Davey Talks About Upcoming Concert in Scotland And Hints at Band's Eventual Retirement

Written by Chief Editor.

Davey Johnstone has shared a stage with one of the world’s biggest stars for almost half a century and performed in a slew of iconic venues.

But for the Edinburgh native, there's no place like home.


That’s why Elton's musical director and guitarist is counting down the days until he takes to the Airdrie stage with the man he calls his “best mate” on June 24 for Elton’s first-ever Lanarkshire show.

Despite being with the pop legend since 1971, the Excelsior Stadium engagement won’t be the first time the 65-year-old has entertained an Airdrie audience.

He revealed to the Advertiser: “I played banjo for Billy Connolly in a pub there back in 1966!

“I met Billy at a show in Glasgow and we hit it off and I ended up playing with him a few times.

“Looking back it’s unreal. First off, I can’t believe my parents let me go and play in pubs at the age of 15!

“Secondly, I was playing with Billy Connolly, what an amazing experience.

“I was a massive fan of his and back then Billy was a very important part of the music scene.

“I remember well that the folk scene in Airdrie back in the 60s and 70s was rampant.”

He continued: “I’m really looking forward to it. We all are.

“As a band, we tend to go where other big name performers don’t.

“One reason is that it makes us happy visiting different parts of the world, rather than the same venues.

“Secondly, it’s more exciting for us to to take the music to these places and have a laugh with the crowd.

''I’d much rather play a smaller town like Airdrie than travel to a big city like Moscow, for example.''

By the time the Airdrie performance comes around, Davey will have played more than 2760 shows with Elton. However, on June 24th, it’s not only the Rocket Man’s fans he will aim to please. He laughed: “I think the hospitality box at the stadium will be monopolised by my family, it’s going to be complete mayhem. I have a sister in Edinburgh and another one in York, so they’ll be there plus all my nieces, nephews and cousins. I should have at least 20 family members there.

“We bring something different every night and there is such a huge catalogue of hits to choose from and perform.

“Performing isn’t about going through the motions and we’ll be coming to have a blast!”

The musician also says, however, that at some point, they want to ''bow out gracefully from playing live.

''So many go on and on and end up beating it on a stick, but we want to finish on a high note.''