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Singer Interrupts Ford Center Show After Piano Problem

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton performed in Evansville, Indiana, on Saturday night.
When he started playing the introduction to Philadelphia Freedom, something didn't sound right to him. Many people were unaware there was a problem. Even so, the headliner stopped mid-song. He cursed and yelled for the sound engineers.

After a few moments and some tweaking with the instrument, he got back started again but still wasn't satisfied with the sound after a minute or so.

In his third try, Elton was content and continued. A crew member laid on the stage underneath the piano with a flashlight during much of the number.

"Sorry about that," the songster said to the audience, many of the attendees initially thought the outburst was part of the show. "I can't play if it's not 100 percent.

Later on, he again apologised and said he wasn't trying to be a jerk.

"I just want perfection for you guys," he said to the crowd, which cheered back enthusiastically.