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Star Offers Hints at What to Expect During His Final Tour

Written by Chief Editor.

Sir Elton has vowed to end his career with "flamboyant" outfits.

The 70-year-old walked the red carpet at the Grammy Awards on Sunday in an eye-catching blue, gold and red sequined Gucci jacket, matching sparkly glasses and rainbow-coloured rings spelling out his first name, and revealed the designers will also be supplying his costumes for his upcoming Farewell Yellow Brick Road three-year final tour.

He said of the jacket: "It's pretty fabulous, I have to thank the Gucci people for getting me fixed up.

"That's what I'll be wearing for the next three or four years, and I'm very excited. I started my career in a flamboyant way, and I'm going to end my career in a flamboyant way."

And the hitmaker admitted it was a "no brainer" when it came to choosing his extravagant outfit.

He told Entertainment Tonight: "I saw this and went, red carpet, no problem. I don't want to play with it because I don't want the sequins to get damaged, but it was a no brainer."

David Furnish enjoyed watching his spouse get ready for the event.

He said: "Absolutely, it was incredibly entertaining."

Meanwhile, Elton has promised his final shows will be his best ever and thinks the audience will have a "lot of fun."

He said: "It'll be the best produced show you've ever seen me do.

"It will be very, very emotional and it will go through the whole gamut of my career. And it's going to be a lot of fun!"