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John And Taupin Talk About The Importance of Family

Written by Chief Editor.

On yesterday's Afternoon Edition of BBC Radio 5 Live, Elton discussed why he decided to retire from touring.

The pianist explained: " I want to make sure I'm there for my kids because they make me so happy. Every morning when I see them they make me beam... I'm going to make sure those kids have the best, best, best childhood.

If I had to choose between music and my children, there's only one winner, and that's my children. I just want to be with them."

Elton recently revealed he plans to quit touring in 2021 to spend more time at home with his family. So he is embarking on a Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which will see him play over 300 shows.

He is planning to bring the boys on tour because he can't bear to be separated from them for too long.

The former Reg Dwight explained: "They're going to come with me on a segment of the tour with a tutor so they can see different places - it's all about them now."

Bernie Taupin, too, said he plans to bring his family along as the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour wends its way across the globe over the next three years.

"Heather and I also have young children," the songwriter recently stated. "I want them to see as much of this tour as they can so they can know what their father did and be proud of it."