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''Elton John Home Run'' Collaboration

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton John fans can soon get their hands on limited-edition signed prints.

The pop vocalist has teamed up with photographer Terry O'Neill and pop culture artist David Studwell on a piece of art commemorating his iconic Dodgers Stadium gig in 1975.

Elton - who is to retire from live performance after an upcoming three-year world tour - asked Terry to be the official photographer when he played back-to-back shows at the venue, the first concerts to be staged there since the Beatles' appearance almost a decade before. And David was brought on board to create diamond-dusted artwork based on the legendary photograph of the star, Elton John: Home Run - Dodger Stadium 1975.

David said: "My work often harks back to classic bygone eras such as the sixties and the seventies and this image gave me the perfect excuse to revisit those classic times.

"Following a meeting with Terry and his representation we decided to embark on a collaboration. With Sir Elton John's retirement beckoning; it felt like the perfect time to launch the screen print."

For David, he wanted to add his "unique vision" to the image while retaining the "identity" of the original photo.

He explained: "My work harks back to times when the word 'celebrity' had meaning, unlike today when social media or television catapults anyone into the spotlight. When I bring these iconic images into the present I attempt to preserve a sense of those times; by adding splashes or retro-colour or diamond dust to encapsulate the glamour of those eras. With the Elton piece; it was important to strike a balance. I wanted to maintain the identity of Terry's original photograph whilst adding my own unique vision to the image."

The artist also told this Web site's Chief Editor that the print will also be sold at upcoming auctions, ''including Bonham's and the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

''Later it will be sold at selected galleries around the world.''

Dimensions of the print are as follows:  95x64cm, dimensions of the paper 112x82cm.
Edition: 50 screen-prints + 10 Artist’s Proofs.

Number 1 to 10 are co-signed by Sir Elton, Terry O’Neill, and David Studwell.
Number 11 to 50 have just Studwell's signature. 

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