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Famous Lyricist And Artist Returns to Chelsea Gallery

Written by Chief Editor.

Last year, New York City's Chase Contemporary had a Bernie Taupin exhibition. American Texture featured themes like the West, the flag, and freedom.

Bernie will soon be displaying more pieces at the Chelsea gallery. This marks another formative chapter in the artist’s career as a citizen who truly embraces America, so it's called True American.

In his latest series of mixed media creations, the songwriter has created his some of his most visually striking works to date.

Chase Contemporary's press release says: ''Once again, in keeping with the overarching theme of the True American exhibition, Taupin delivers creations that embrace the American flag, flowing with texture and diverse history in all its glory. Themes and symbols of patriotism, combined with music, run deep throughout the entire exhibition. American flags woven into compositions filled with layers of shattered guitars and instruments create a narrative of how music and patriotism are fused into American culture. Artworks with titles such as: 'Wave the Flag' and 'Sleeping Beauty' further convey Taupin’s visual perspective on what it means to be a True American. Included in the exhibit will be works of art that nod to his musical inspirations and creative alumni, but the main exhibition focus will be on his visual spirit as a True American.''

The show runs through the 10th of November, and the opening will be on October 17. Those wishing to attend that evening are asked to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..