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One of The Young Eltons in The John Lewis Ad

Written by Chief Editor.

A Chapelhall schoolboy landed a part in the much-talked about John Lewis advert, with his hands playing piano as a young Elton John.

According to the Daily Record, he's budding actor Tony Lambie.

He was filmed as one of the young Eltons in the story about how the Christmas gift of a piano led to the megastar’s hugely successful singing career and global acclaim.

The seven-year-old spent three days with the production team in London, working alongside the other youngsters who were cast as Elton at various ages throughout his earlier life.

Although the final cut focused on a three-year-old Elton, Tony was filmed playing the piano and his hands are included in the ad which is now showing in TV and cinemas all over the country.

Lambie said: “I had the best time of my life. If I was asked to do it all again and I didn’t appear in any shape or form I’d still be up for it.

 “We got to see lots of famous sights in London and it was especially good as I’d never been to London before.”
The boy got the part through his Glasgow-based UK Theatre School, where he has been studying the performing arts for the last two years.
He is not the only one in his family to have appeared on TV. His nine-year-old sister Gracie, also a pupil at the UK Theatre School, has already starred in a Royal Bank of Scotland ad.

School principal Lizanne Thomson said: “We’re absolutely delighted about Tony’s success
in landing his part in the John Lewis ad.”