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John Pays Homage to Flint

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton has paid tribute to the frontman of The Prodigy, who died last week.

The former Reg Dwight spoke during the preview to his weekly radio show on Beats One.

“I’m opening the show [with Firestarter] to pay tribute to Keith Flint,” the host said. “What a shame. What a seminal record, what a seminal group they are or were.”

“I don’t know if they’ll continue, but when I first heard that and saw the video I just thought, ‘wow, what is this…’ Such a tragedy. My condolences to Keith’s family and the band. They are one of the most original groups to come out of England, ever.”

Keith was found dead from an apparent suicide at his home in Dunmow, Essex, on the morning of March 4. He was 49 years old.

A petition has been launched to erect a statue in memory of the vocalist in the band’s hometown of Braintree, Essex.