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Thomas Goode & Co. Boasts a Famous Co-Owner

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton has been sober since 1990 after overcoming cocaine and alcohol abuse, and has since become “obsessed” with porcelain.

“It’s something I picked up when I got sober,” the 71-year-old told the Standard. “I changed the way I looked at things and became completely obsessed with porcelain … Everything I collected before I got sober I sold at Sotheby’s, bar four paintings and a couple of cars, and I started again. 

 “When I got sober I saw things in a completely different way. I don’t go to nightclubs any more, but I love collecting porcelain and glass.”

The luminary has homes in London, Windsor, Nice, Los Angeles and Atlanta with husband David Furnish. He added: “I collect napkin rings as well — to the point of absurdity. We must have 400 sets of napkin rings.

 “We use fine china whether it’s for breakfast or whatever. You will never eat off the same surface — if you stay with us, be it for a week or two weeks, you will never eat off the same porcelain.” Sir Elton was speaking as he announced becoming co-owner of fine china, glass and silverware company Thomas Goode & Co.

He is now an investor and a global ambassador for the Mayfair-based brand, which is almost 200 years old. He says he'd ''cry if it ever shut down.''

Elton's role will include approving new designs and using his status to widen the brand's appeal.

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