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NZ Shows Have Been Rescheduled, With One More Set For Auckland

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton has postponed one of his Mission Estate Winery engagements next year.

Instead of appearing on February 8, 2020, he'll play on the 15th of February instead.

The rescheduling of the music-maker's second concert has gone as smoothly as could be expected, the Mission says.

The first Mission Estate show on February 6 will go ahead as planned.

Mission Estate Winery concert manager Garry Craft told the Herald that the shift in dates has not really caused any inconvenience.

"We just have to reschedule operational methods like toilets, etc.

"We are doing everything we can to assist people. Every single person (who purchased a ticket) has been sent an email or SMS instructing them on what to do.

"They sign in to the concert portal and members who can make the new date would be able to indicate in a tick box they could attend.

"If the new date does not work they can get a refund. Everyone who hasn't contacted us, we'll be contacting them."

Craft said the date change shouldn't cause major hurdles for people who have booked accommodation.

"People have to reschedule their stays but this far out they shouldn't have a problem."

The rescheduling hadn't discouraged people from attending the concert either, he said.

"There are more people looking to buy than wishing to cancel. Very few people have requested a cancellation."

Hawke's Bay fans of the superstar might also get to hobnob with his 90-strong entourage and that won't be the only bonus, according to Garry.

"Whilst Elton is off, his whole entourage will also be taking a break in Hawke's Bay.

"They will be in town for 13 days staying in various hotels around the region, experiencing all Hawke's Bay has to offer, and it will be a great boost for the area."

Meanwhile, Elton has announced  a  third Auckland gig. He also confirmed he has changed the dates of three other concerts in the country "due to an unforseen scheduling conflict."

Shows that were to be at Mt Smart Stadium on February 9 and 11 have been postponed until February 16 and 18 respectively. As for the newly added third concert, that takes place on Feb. 20, 2020, with tickets going on sale on the 22nd of May.