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Star's First And Last Appearance at The Montreux Jazz Festival

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton made his first and last appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival on Saturday, delivering an energetic performance that ended with a message of tolerance and love.

The 2-1/2-hour show featured hits like Bennie and the Jets, Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer and Your Song.

Elton said:

"I've wanted to play this festival for years and years. I've watched it on DVD and television. I never thought I would be playing it, but it is an honour to be here."

On Friday he said he was deeply upset by Russian President Vladimir Putin's comment that liberal values were "obsolete" and had been rejected by the majority of people in Western nations.

John, who is gay, accused Putin of hypocrisy for saying in the same interview that he wanted LGBT people to be happy. Russia has reportedly censored gay scenes in the movie Rocketman based on his life.

"I am sick to death of hatred, of racism and homophobia," the composer told his audience. "I am sick to death of people who claim to be religious and close to God and are far from God.

"We should appreciate each other, we need to embrace everyone even if we do not agree with each other."

Folks paid from 185 to 450 Swiss francs ($189.55 to $461.00) for the show. Former co-director Quincy Jones calls the festival the "Rolls-Royce of festivals."

John said he met Jones before the show.

"I love him very much, the man and the musician. ... He is still as vibrant as a teenager," the musician said, dedicating the song Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me to the producer.