2020 Podcast to Include Elton's Drummer

Written by Chief Editor.

In January, Tom Cridland is going to be launching a video podcast where he interviews some of the greatest musicians and bands of all time.

He wrote on Facebook: ''We’ve been filming for it all year ...and I can’t wait to share it with you. As he is a dear friend, I can reveal ahead of time that the legend, Nigel Olsson, is included in the series.''

Cridland is a designer and performer who has been a Cheryl's Specials EJW subject a couple of times.

Last year, he came out with the Real Music Collection, a collaboration with Nigel; Paul McCartney; Mick Jagger; Sting; Timothy B Schmit; James Hetfield; Robert Plant; Brian May; Eric Clapton; Carole King; Roger Daltrey; Smokey Robinson; Frankie Valli; Stevie Nicks; Mick Hucknall; Hal Blaine; Ringo Starr; and Phil Collins

100% of profits from the collection, which featured a picture of the aforementioned performers on men's and women's shirts, were donated to the charity, Help Musicians. They support emerging musicians to develop their talents as well as existing players who have retired or have been hit with crisis including long term illness or financial trouble.