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''Elton: A Life in Pictures''

Written by Chief Editor.

The makers of Uncut have put together an eye-catching salute to Sir Elton as he continues his farewell tour and prepares to release his autobiography.

Elton: A Life in Pictures is packed with rare and familiar photos, ranging from young Reg Dwight at a relative's nuptials to the flamboyant showman in concert. Many are accompanied by quotes from the man himself, thanks to the archives of Melody Maker and NME. Among them are comments about famous friends, Rocket Records, AIDS and drugs. There's also a whimsical bit in which Elton muses about children's names as well as his own.

Copies can be ordered at www.uncut.co.uk.

Or you can try to win one: Click on our ''Contests'' to learn how.


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