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Forbes' Top-Earning Musicians in The Last Ten Years

Written by Chief Editor.

Marking the end of another decade, Forbes has compiled a list of the top-earning musicians of the decade.

Topping the tally is Dr. Dre, who has made $950 million USD in the last 10 years. In second place is Taylor Swift, grossing $825 million. Also on the Top Ten is Elton. He's in the 6th spot, with $565 million.

Forbes' list of big earners, which is compiled by examing touring data from Pollstar, music consumption numbers from Nielsen and interviews with managers, agents and many of the stars themselves, does not include posthumous earnings.

If these were counted, Michael Jackson would dethrone Dr. Dre at the No. 1 spot, with $2.37 billion amassed during the past decade.

Below are the Top Ten:

1. Dr. Dre $950 million
2. Taylor Swift $825 million
3. Beyoncé $685 million
4. U2 $675 million
5. Diddy $605 million
6. Elton John $565 million
7. Jay-Z $560 million
8. Paul McCartney $535 million
9. Katy Perry $530 million
10. Lady Gaga $500 million

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