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Sharon Talks About Her Husband's Collaboration With Elton

Written by Chief Editor.

Sharon Osbourne has admitted she struggled to get through her spouse's new song with Elton because it reduces her to tears.

The pair have collaborated on Ordinary Man, the title track from Ozzy's new solo album, coming out next month. The lyrics reflect Osbourne's rise to fame and his struggles in the limelight. The former Reg Dwight plays piano on the track as well as providing additional vocals.

"It’s the story of Ozzy’s life...,” Sharon said on The Talk. I'm just so happy for Ozzy that it's been so well received. I can't listen to it all the way though, it makes me cry.”

As for John, the 67-year-old declared: "He loved it. Ozzy asked if he would play piano... and Elton said yes. And then he went into the studio and he started to sing, Elton did, and we just kept it. “

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