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Skinny Cat And Honky Cat: A Guitarist's Encounters With Elton, Ringo, And Other Stars

Written by Chief Editor.

Years before he was in Whitesnake, Bernie Marsden had a band called Skinny Cat. That's when he stopped by Dick James Music where he ran into Elton.
The musician writes in his new memoir that he recognised Elton straight away: The latter had a record out he admired called Lady Samantha.
Elton wore denim with a bunch of badges all over his jacket and jean, and even early on, Marsden thought he looked quite flamboyant. 
The writer also recalls that his colleague offered to get his tape copied and leave it for his contact. It was ''a lovely gesture,'' although Bernie wasn't surprised when he didn't hear back from the label. After all, the songs ''were not exactly John and Taupin.'' 
Others making appearances in Where's My Guitar? include Ringo Starr,
Cozy Powell, Ozzy Osbourne, and B.B. King.

Incidentally, Elton's name briefly came up again a couple of months ago, when Marsden spoke with British GQ.

He spoke about recording a Whitesnake album in John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Berkshire home, then owned by Ringo.

"With only four days off after the Ready An’ Willing tour, we started the new album in July 1980 at Ringo Starr’s fabulous house in Ascot, Berkshire.

"His studio, Startling, was a private facility in the former home of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Tittenhurst Park. We were very fortunate to be given this chance to work where John Lennon had recorded the unparalleled album Imagine.

"When I first saw the glass panel above the door with the inscription by Yoko Ono, 'This is not here', I got a tingle down my spine. In the kitchen I saw the very table where George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Phil Spector, Bob Dylan, Keith Moon and Elton John had sat many times. The John Lennon film Gimme Some Truth shows you the object itself. I’ve had my breakfast in that kitchen, at that table, sometimes sharing the space with the very young Zak Starkey [Ringo’s son] before he went to school. All of us had a similar reaction in those first few days at Tittenhurst: even Jon and Ian were a little in awe of the place. The rest of us certainly were."

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