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Students in The Mid-Atlantic Plan ''Captain Fantastic And The Piano Man'' Event

Written by Chief Editor.

Staring at 7:30 p.m. this Saturday evening, students of Uptown Music Collective in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, will present the music of Elton and Billy Joel for the non-profit school’s annual fundraising performance.


Captain Fantastic & The Piano Man: The Music of Elton John and Billy Joel is the result of public demand. According to the collective’s executive director, Dave Brumbaugh, “Usually, our students conspire to pick the majority of our show themes. With this performance, however, we went to the local community, opening up the voting to anyone in the community who wished to take part.”

The piano  players, he said, edged out Aerosmith after several rounds. Other options included the Beatles and Bon Jovi.

The show is to be held at the Community Arts Center, located at 220 West 4th Street.

Tickets are available at http://www.caclive.com.

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