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Baby Born to Concertgoer Gets Care Package From The Headliner

Written by Chief Editor.

At one of the Rocket Man's concerts in Australia last week, a fan went into labour.

This happened, appropriately enough, while Elton was singing Tiny Dancer.

“Last night almost someone gave birth at the show during Tiny Dancer,” the rocker told the unbelieving audience in New South Wales.

“They were rushed to the hospital and had a nice little boy, so we do that to people.”

He joked: “So if any of you are pregnant tonight, watch out.”

On Friday, three days after attending the Farewell Yellow Brick Road show, Mary McGregor, announced the arrival of her newborn on Facebook. She also thanked Elton, who sent along a care package.

"So a lil update ... we officially welcomed our beautiful son yesterday at 11.10, after the strangest 24 hours of our lives! Mary and bubs are both doing extremely well," the post reads.

"Baby McGregor is a warrior and has surprised even his doctor with his turn around recovery.

"We did want to say a huge thank you to Sir Elton John, the production crew, the St Johns medics and all the beautiful doctors and nurses at the base hospital. We are so grateful and beyond overwhelmed at the nurturing spirit of everyone.

"We had a surprise visit from a member of the production crew today who gifted little baby McGregor on behalf of everyone with some merchandise so that we'll never forget his entry into the world. Best. Story. Ever."

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