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Davey's Daughter: Designer's Ideas Come From Both Sir Elton And Mother Nature

Written by Chief Editor.

Juliet Johnstone never intended to work in fashion.

But soon after the young woman began experimenting with clothing, she caught the eye of Bella Hadid, who wore the artist's hand-painted pants for Easter festivities at her family's farmhouse. The trousers had hand-painted flowers and ''Love Mother Earth'' written on the front.

Juliet, the daughter of longtime Elton John Band member Davey Johnstone, told Vogue that her inspirations include daily nature walks, vintage botanical books, and Japanese flowers. 
Her upbringing also has played a role: Juliet's childhood was often spent going on tour with the crew.
''I would help out in the wardrobe department. That's what I loved to do. Elton's clothes brought happiness into the world, and his idea of fashion definitely influenced my own.''
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