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TV And Radio Hosts Appreciate Hearing From Elton After Birth of Their Sons

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton called up Anderson Cooper after he welcomed his son Wyatt.

The CNN news anchor, whose baby was born via surrogate on the 27th of April, was on his friend Andy Cohen's Sirius XM show yesterday. He noted that in the middle of all the congratulatory messages, he also got a call from Elton, who ''you know, I've interviewed over the years.''
Cohen asked if he was welcoming him to the Gay Dads Club before revealing that Elton sent how own son, Benjamin, a gift.
''He sent Ben, like this Gucci shirt and Gucci shorts. I was like, how cool. I've met Elton John once, so maybe hie is kind of welcoming us into the Gay Dads Club.''
Anderson, who has hosted numerous EJAF Enduring Vision benefits, added that the pop luminary ''paved the way.''
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