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Take Me To The Pilots: The Latest on ''Learning To Fly''

Written by Chief Editor.

It was recently reported that Elton had joined forces--over Zoom--with a young Texas-based duo.

Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki, who make up Surfaces, told Billboard how it came about.
Forrest said they were going to put it out themselves, and then ''our managers were like, 'What if we tried to get a feature?' We had just signed a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group, and I think they were the ones that got us the connection.''
His creative partner said that Elton was passionate from the start, and ''really adamant on working on it.'' He admits to ''losing our minds at Forrest's house--screaming, yelling, happiness, joy.''
Colin went on to say that collaborating with Elton ''felt like winning a Grammy. I don't even care what happens with this song statistically--just knowing what we made and how special it was will be more than satisfying for the rest of my life.''
The artists have now released an animated video, depicting them on a plane.
It can be viewed at udiscovermusic.com, by clicking on ''videos'' and scrolling down the page.
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